Monday, July 31, 2006

15% Off Peradon Snooker Cues

The new snooker season is upon us with the Northern Ireland Trophy, a brand new ranking event set for 13th-20th August.

Billiards Boutique is getting into the snooker mood by offering 15% off of all Peradon snooker cues during the month of August. This discount is available online or in store.

This is a massive saving from the original prices and would be an ideal time to purchase a fantastic English made ash snooker cue.

Peradon Cues are the oldest cue manufacturing company in the world and first started making hand spliced cues in 1885. Many professional players have or still do use Peradon Snooker Cues for world ranking events. Most notably was Joe Davis who even gave the company sole rights to use his name. The Joe Davis cue is available in 1, 2 and 3 piece models and features a solid ebony butt with a Sycamore front splice.

Visit for further details.

Hohmann Wins North American Open 8-ball Championships

In what can only be described as an epic final, Thorsten Hohmann walked away with $350,000 in cash from the North American Open 8-ball Championships.

The tournament was the first event on the 2006 International Pool Tour and when it started last weekend had 200 world class 8-ball pool players battling for a share of the unsurpassed $2,050,000 in prize money.

Over the week the gruelling match schedule of up to 10 hours per day of competitive match play whittled the field down to the final 2. Hohmann the reigning Straight Pool world champion and Marlon Manalo of the Phillipines. Both players had fantastic records throughout the tournament with Manalo only losing 5 of his 8 matches before the final. Hohmann on the other hand had only lost 7 of his - and had beaten Manalo 8-1 in the final group round.

The match was always set to be a classic and the packed auditorium were not disappointed. When either player got to the table they cleared the balls, the only ball in open play that was missed was Manalo that missed a difficult combination shot down the rail.

So if neither player was missing why was the match so close with the winner breaks format? This was don the the tournament long problem of dry breaks. Manalo was the one that really suffered, he was 7-6 up and breaking for the match and did not get a ball. Hohmann then promptly ran out. Hohmann then broke for the match and made a ball an the rest as they say is history.

It was a thoroughly entertaining final match and an excellent advert for the sport and for the IPT. Congratulations go to Thorsten Hohmann.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Reyes falls as final group is completed

The final of the North American 8-Ball Open Championships is set. King of the Hill winner and pre-tournament favourite Efren Reyes will not be in the final match. After an intense and very close final group Reyes' Phillipino compatriat Marlon Manalo topped the group on 4 wins and a better game winning percentage than German Thorsten Hohmann. Hohmann the former world 9-ball pool champion and current world 14.1 straight pool champion joins Manalo in the final where one player will walk away with $350,000.

The final Group Standings

Player Wins GW%
M. Manalo 4 61.04
T. Hohmann 4 57.27
D. Orcollo 3 56.03
E. Reyes 2 58.87
R. Souquet 1 58.24
E. Stalev 1 53.75

It will be a very tight final with both players playing some fantastic pool throughout the tournament, Hohmann has the best Break & Run percentage and did beat Manalo in the final group last night. However, going into a final the form book can be ripped up!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pool has new found friends

With Ronnie O'Sullivan out in the states playing on the IPT 8-Ball Tour many people in this country have all of a sudden begun to give the game the recognition it deserves.

Even the Guardian newspaper has been getting in on the act with a feature about O'Sullivan in the paper. Can be read here:,,1832727,00.html

The IPT was always going to cause a stir to the pool scene and even the cue sports world in general as the prize money on offer is unprecedented. Ronnie as helped build the image for the IPT brand by helping out at Press Conferences and telling peoplehow difficult the game really is.

I have heard people question the integrity of IPT founder Kevin Trudeau saying that he is in to make a fast buck, my reply is so what? Even if the tour does collapse after a year or two years the players that have won an event or have reached the latter stages will be financially secure for life. The players deserve the opportunity to earn huge amounts of money ligitimately rather than scraping a living in dark, damp pool halls across the globe. If the players are getting paid then I don't see why anyone has cause to complain.

If the tour continues past two, three or even four years then other promoters are going to have to dig deep to attract the players. Too much in pool has been about promoters and governing bodies making money, often at the detriment of the player.

May the IPT live on!

Final Six Set to Battle at the IPT North American Open 8-Ball Championship

Eighteen players came into Friday’s rounds with high hopes, but only six will return for Saturday’s matches. Friday was the most grueling and intense day of all at the North American Open 8-Ball Championship. Every player played five rounds, which amounted to around 12 total hours of match time, and every game counted to make it into the final 6!

The players who went home after Friday’s rounds didn’t go empty-handed, though. Each of them earned $30,000. The International Pool Tour has given away $1,316,000 so far, and by the time Sunday’s final match is over, $2,000,000 in prize money will have been paid out!

There was a big crowd for today’s matches, and it’s only going to get bigger, considering the amount of money and the quality of play. Efren “Bata” Reyes went undefeated today, winning five matches in a row non-stop despite the grueling schedule. Also qualifying from his group was the enigmatic Evgeny Stalev from Russia.

Ralf Souquet has already won two major tournaments this year and qualified to return tomorrow with a 4-1 record. Will he be the one to take the $350,000 prize? Joining him from that group is Filipino Dennis Orcollo, definitely a strong contender. Orcollo had to fight his way onto the tour at a qualification event in Bellflower, CA, proving his mental and physical toughness.

The last group came down to the wire, as everyone awaited the outcome of the Thorsten Hohmann/Marcus Chamat match. From being down 7-4, Hohmann pulled back into the game to come within two and then broke and ran the last two. He cemented his spot in tomorrow’s matches with that win, and Marlon Manalo, though tied with Chamat as far as games, advanced because of his games-won percentage.

The minimum that a player can win in tomorrow’s rounds is $40,000, with third place receiving $80,000. Second place earns $99,000, with an unprecented $350,000 going to first place. Keep watching the IPT’s website for more information and stories.

Click here for tournament results, statistics, pictures, and stories from the IPT North American Open 8-Ball Championship!

Friday, July 28, 2006

IPT eliminates 18 more players

The IPT North American Open is getting tougher and tougher. There are now only 18 players left from the original 200 strong field.

Notable players eliminated last night included 6 times world champion Earl Strickland, Mick Hill, NIck van den Berg, Mika Immonen, Raj Hundal and Corey Deuel.

A player that is setting the world alite is former snooker pro Quentin Hann, he won 4 out of 5 yesterday and advances into the last 18.

Round 5 Groups

Hann (Aus), Stalev (RUS), Reyes (PHI), Nevel (USA), Appleton (GBR), Luat (PHI)

Bustamante (PHI), Matlock (USA), Peach (GBR), Orcollo (PHI), Alcano (PHI), Souquet (GER)

Manalo (PHI), Pagulayan (PHI), Hohmann (GER), Chamat (SWE), Owen (USA), Diks (NED)

Astonishingly (or not!) the Phillipines still have 7 players standing going into round 5. Favourites are still Reyes and Bustamante, however, a dark horse that has just been staying out of the limelight is Stalev of Russia.

Tonights action is live on Eurosport from 9pm.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

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Field down to 36 in Vegas

From 200 players that started the IPT North American Open the field was cut down to 36 players in last nights matches.

A number of pre-tournament favourites and other notable players were eliminated on Wednesday and had to settle for $10,000 each from the massive $2,050,000 prize fund. Players eliminated included Ronnie O'Sullivan, Johnny Archer, Nick Varner and Vilmos Foeldes.

Raj Hundal of Great Britain scraped through to the next round after having only won one match. He got through on games won percentage.

Other Brits still standing are Daryl Peach, Darren Appleton and Mick Hill, they are joined by a massive contingent of 9 Philipinos including Bustamante, Reyes and Pagulayan plus 9 Americans.

The players in this round are guaranteed $17,000 but know that if they can get through one more round they will be earning $30,000 each. The eventual winner picking up a whopping $350,000

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Playing Field Cut in Half Heading into Day 3

The 120-player field is being chopped in half by virtue of a brutal second full day of play for all of the entrants. Tuesday’s schedule worked the players through five full rounds without a break. Tomorrow they can expect to play only four rounds out of five.

Mike Sigel did not advance to Wednesday’s rounds. He had a chance, but it came down to between him and Marko Lohtander. Sigel lost to Marlon Manalo 8-5, while Lohtander defeated Wayne Catledge 8-3. “I didn't get out when I should have,” Sigel explained afterward. “I had plenty of chances. I missed the nine—I got careless, I missed the eight. I can't believe it didn’t go in. I had plenty of chances—there is no excuse. I’m not comfortable playing on the tables—that’s it.”

Sarah Ellerby was the only woman remaining who had the chance to move on, as Allison Fisher, Gerda Hofstatter, and Loree Jon Jones passed through Tuesday’s rounds without a win. In her last round, Ellerby went up against Teddy Garrahan and won, but there was a tie in her group—three players had won three games, and Ellerby had the percentage of games won necessary to advance. Hofstatter won her fourth-round match against Ismael Paez 8-5.

Snooker star Ronnie O’Sullivan, who has been generating huge interest in the international scene, barely squeaked by into the next round. He lost his hill-hill match against Mika Immonen, and though he tied with two other people in his group, he advanced because of his higher games-won percentage.

George Breedlove was also on tenterhooks after winning his double-hill match against Sammy Jones. “Anybody that wants to come to Indiana and work with me for thirty days and do everything I do—they can bet fifty thousand at the end of thirty days.”When asked how he felt after the day’s play, he said, “Well, I always feel like I’m King Kong, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get to the top of the building.” Breedlove tied with John Schmidt and Jianbo Fu for three wins, but he lost by a small percentage.Larry Nevel advanced to the next round by three one-hundredths of a percentage point over Takeshi Okumura. That really brings home how important every single game can be.

David Matlock had an easy time of it in the fifth round, as his opponent, Greg Hogue, forfeited. “I had a good day today—I was undefeated. I really don’t know why my last opponent didn’t show—it could have been worth something. Today was much better. I struggled yesterday, but everyone had problems yesterday. I dry broke I don’t know how many times yesterday,” Matlock said.

He then added, “I changed my break a little from yesterday, I was hanging on to the cue a little too hard, had kind of a death grip on it, so I let up a little. My closest match was eight-five, but they were all closer than the score showed. I feel real good going into the next round tomorrow—you know it’s going to get tougher from here—it’s sure not going to get easier. I got better today, and I’m just gonna get a good night’s rest and be prepared for tomorrow.”

No explanations for George San Souci’s forfeit have been forthcoming as yet, but it is to be assumed that it is because of his previous four losses, as with Greg Hogue. With the new games-won percentage method of seeding, this could be devastating to them both.

For a list of the 60 remaining players, please click here.

Visit the IPT for the latest news on their North American Open 8-Ball Championship.

IPT announce PartyGaming Sponsorship Deal

PartyGaming to Sponsor International Pool Tour

World’s Largest Online Poker Brand and IPT form marketing partnership
July 23rd, 2006

Las Vegas, Nevada: PartyGaming Plc, best known for its online poker room and, the world’s largest on-line poker school, has signed on with the International Pool Tour in a major sponsorship deal, it was announced today.

PartyGaming has become the official on-line gaming sponsor of the IPT’s “North American 8-Ball Open Championship,” being held at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas from July 23rd-July 30th.
PartyGaming Plc. was founded in 2001 and is widely considered the leading on-line gaming company. It has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2005 and has customers in over 190 countries.

The International Pool Tour’s “North American 8-Ball Open Championship” will be the most widely-televised and promoted pool event in history. Every round of the tournament will be covered live and on a delayed tape basis in prime-time on Eurosport, which is seen in 54 countries and 20 languages through Europe. Major announcements about the U.S. broadcast schedule will be made during the week of the event. Other major broadcast deals for IPT programming, including the North American 8-Ball Open, will be announced shortly.

“We’re proud to be working with PartyGaming and PartyPoker.Net on the richest and most dramatic pool event ever,” said Jon Denny, IPT Executive Director. “They have a great product and the highest level of integrity. It’s also obvious that there’s a strong connection between poker and pool. We’re excited that the two leaders in poker and pool can collaborate here in Las Vegas and beyond.”

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Day 1 and 2 complete in Vegas

Days One and Two, which make up the first official round of the International Pool Tour North American Open, are now in the history books.

The historic $2,000,000+ tournament with its unprecedented first place prize of $350,000 has seen great play, controversy, and difficulties overcoming the grueling tournament format and tough playing conditions. Here is a slight recap of the goings on at the tournament. For full coverage, visit There you can follow all the action including scoring, pictures, stories, and more.

The IPT has sent home 80 of the original 200 players who showed up for its North American 8-Ball Open Championship, with only 120 returning for Tuesday's matches. Monday began with 100 of the world's finest players, but 40 were eliminated through the grueling round-robin, race-to-8 format. With five rounds throughout the day, players had to play four matches to determine whether or not they would advance. Every player in the tournament so far has played a minimum of eight hours on their day of play; many players played ten or more hours.

the beginning of day one, everyone was smiling and having a great time. By the end of day two, there was happiness on the faces of many, and devastation facing the 80 who have been eliminated from the tournament, including some favorites to do very well and maybe even win the tournament. To see a list of the players who are still playing, and those who have been eliminated, click here!

The equipment is generating plenty of controversy, with many American players disparaging the custom cloth and the European and snooker players thankful for it. However, the most common complaint so far is the general inability of the players to pocket balls on the break. Players like Corey Deuel, Johnny Archer, Jimmy White, Shannon Daulton-all known for their excellent breaking abilities-have all made comments to the effect that they are encountering severe difficulties with their breaks.

The IPT tables made by Diamond have the tightest possible pockets, in order to meet IPT code. The pockets are cut to 4 1/2 inches. However, taking into consideration the thickness of the cloth, the corner pockets are really 4 1/4" - 4 3/8" which make pocketing balls very challenging. The IPT has purposely made the playing conditions so difficult so that only the best players can win. However, being the best in this tournament format requires not only precision skills at billiards, it also requires mental and physical tenacity. The slow nap cloth made by Gorina has proven to be a challenge to American players who don't have much experience playing on this sort of cloth. Many players have tried rolling the ball on safety shots and never reaching a rail. More fouls have been called at this tournament for this very reason than at any other tournament explained one of the official referees. Players do however like the Sardo M-5000 Tight Rack because it eliminates any potential problems caused by a bad rack. Using the M-5000 guarantees a consistent rack every time. To learn about official IPT equipment, click here.

One major story line is how the ladies will fare at on the IPT. So far, the ladies seemed to have trouble keeping up with the rest of the pack, with the exception of Allison Fisher and Sarah Ellerby-both Brits-will advance to Tuesday's play. Loree Jon Jones also played well and advanced to the second round with two wins and two losses. Former World Champion Gerda Hofstatter slid into round two in a three way tie for third place in her bracket. She was tied in wins with Jim Weast and Hall of Famer Ed Kelly. However, Gerda had the best winning percentage and prevailed by only a 1.1% margin over Weast. Many women never won a single match.

The Hall of Famers exhibited similar troubles remaining competitive today. Earl Strickland, Efren Reyes, and Mike Sigel had no worries, but the majority of the HOF members held less than a 50% games-won average.
Needless to say, when exhaustion sets in with the players, tempers flare, and controversy enter the game. There were a few disputes during Round 1. David Alcaide, who was one of the IPT qualification event winners in Veert, The Netherlands, was found to be using a phenolic tip on his break cue. He was penalized one game by the referee and not allowed to use the cue again. Also, in the match between Grady Mathews and Jeff Abernathy, both players were warned for their unsportsman-like conduct. At one point in the match, a referee made a call that Mathews found questionable, causing "The Professor" to go off the air, resulting in a penalty against him dished out by the referee. In his match against Philip Harrison of the U.K., Mike Sigel complained to the referee that Harrison had taken a bathroom break without his express permission. The referee penalized Harrison a game; however, the game was reinstated by Charles Ursitti when Harrison's corner man explained to him that Sigel had never said Harrison was not allowed to take a break. The rule is clear that if a player wants to take a break, he must do so on his inning, or have permission from the opponent. Harrison told Sigel that he needed to go to the bathroom. Sigel said nothing and Harrison took that as acknowledgement of his request. Sigel tried to make a big deal out of it, but by not saying no, it was construed as giving him permission to do so.

To read the rules, click here. Some of these disputes were caught by IPT photographers and are in the photo gallery, click here to see them.

This recap barely scratched the surface of all that went on. Visit for the whole story, including in depth stories, photos, statistics, and the list of players who advanced to Round 2. You will be surprised by many of the players who failed to advance. Matches start at 10am (Pacific). Every player tomorrow will play five straight matches.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Welcome to the BCE Westbury Pool Table

Westbury - a name synonomos with World and other ranking championship snooker now comes to pool. Crafted in traditional english style featuring satin-finish honey rosewood, the Westbury pool table combines outstanding quality ad elegant design at an unbelievably affordable price.

The first coin-operated pool table designed by and built for BCE, The Westbury provides a quality alternative to the tables already on the market

12 Key feature make the Westbury the one to own
  • Available in 7ft coin-operated and freeplay versions. 6ft coin-op also available
  • Precision ground slate
  • Cushions and slate interchangeable with Riley tables
  • 100% Wool Boxxer Directional Pro-Nap Cloth
  • Quick release topframe
  • Quick release cushions, changeable in minutes
  • Aluminium slate bearers
  • Lockable valet storage compartment for brush, tips, chalk etc...
  • Cue ball retention at end of game
  • Robust cash box security
  • coin mechanism programmable from 10p to £2.00
  • Non-reset meter
  • Supplied with cues, balls and triangle

Predator Shaft Technology are pleased to announce that they will soon be carrying Predator Pool Cues and Predator Shafts.

Predator set up in 1992 to develop a technologically advanced cue shaft to decrease cue ball deflection and increase performance. Nowadays over 50% of professional pool players use Predator technology to aid their game.

Predator has built their business on their technologically-advanced pool cue shafts. If you want to enhance your game, simply replace the shaft of your existing cue with a Predator.

Predator is scientifically proven to shoot straighter when you use English (side spin). This is because the shaft produces as much as 50% less cueball deflection than any other cue, simply meaning you will be more accurate.

More Spin: Predator cues and shafts generate more spin (on average, 15-25% more). It is easier to draw and follow the cueball with a Predator pool cue shaft.

Flexural Consistency: Because the Predator shaft is spliced in ten pieces it will give you more consistent results and have a tendency to stay straighter than a conventional one piece shaft.

Results: Over 90% of independently surveyed Predator owners believed that playing with Predator improved their game.

Strong Warranties: All Predator Cues and Shafts are warranted for life against any manufacturer defect. If the ferrule ever cracks it is replaced free of charge. If the splices ever separate, the shaft is replaced free of charge.

Service: If you buy a Predator Product, you can call their factory toll-free at any time, and they will give you top priority. Predator is proud of their reputation of not only having one of the best performing pool cues in the industry, but possibly some of the best service also.

Feel: Traditional shafts vibrate on impact and distort the natural feel of the cue. The purer transfer of energy in the 314 shaft produces less vibration and leaves the player with a very solid feel.

Predator shafts come in a variety of joint pins that will fit the majority of pool cues on the market, call us or email us to see if we can get a Predator shaft for your cue.

We will soon be able to offer thesecond generation Predator 314 and Z-shafts. As of August we will also be able to supply the brand new Predator 5K series.

Friday, July 21, 2006

25% Off Fury Pool Cues

Fury Pool Cues feature selected maple shafts and pressed Irish linen wraps. We are proud of the fact that we keep all Fury Cues in stock.

The IPT North American 8-ball Open is upon and we thought we would get into the spirit of things by offering 25% off ALL Fury Pool Cues until July 30th 2006.

That is a massive £15.00 off the usual price of £60.00

Fury Pool Cues have been played with, or are still used, by IPT Pro's Rodney Morris, Jose Parica, Keith McCready and the UK's Kelly Fisher. They are made using high quality materials and are very affordable in price, they can be upgraded to fit a Predator 314 or Z-shaft. The Fury Cues in stock feature great decoration created using overlays not inlays but you will struggle to tell the difference.

Buy a Fury Pool Cue

IPT North American Open Update

Breaking News

Hall of Fame Member Jim Rempe has withdrawn from the tournament citing "personal reasons" that are keeping him from being able to perform under the grueling tournament format and conditions. On a telephone call, he reported that he was disappointed about not being able to play "in the biggest tournament of his life." Rempe hopes to be able to compete in the World Open, another major just six weeks away.

Filling Rempe's spot in the tournament is Keith Bennett. Bennett has played in multiple IPT qualification events. In the North American Open Qualification System, Bennett took third place in two separate events; he was one of only two players to do so in those 25 events.

The IPT North American Open 8-Ball Championship starts Sunday morning, July 23, 2006. Match times are 10am, 12:30pm, 3pm, 5:30pm, and 8pm (Pacific) daily.

Up to the minute results, pictures, stories, and other information will be available on line at Web coverage for this $2,000,000 event will be unprecedented in the world of billiards. The winner of this event will receive an historic $350,000 first prize! Don't miss any of the action.

Deno J. Andrews
Tour Director,
International Pool Tour

Billiards Boutique note: IPT is live on Eurosport in the UK

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stan James release odds for IPT NA 8-ball Open

IPT North American 8-ball Open - Odds Announced

Stan James the Gibralter based Bookmaker have announced odds for the International Pool Tour North American 8-Ball Open.

Currently available are outright tournament odds only and there are a number of tasty bets available in the field of 200 players.

Joint Favourites for the title are:

Johnny Archer (USA), Efren Reyes (PHI) & Francisco Bustamnate (PHI) all at 14-1.

Of the favourites the best bet in my opinion is Efren Reyes after he won the IPT King of the Hill event in December last year.

Another Philipino, Marlon Manalo, who only lost 1 match (to Reyes) in the King of the Hill is also good value at 16-1.

There are a large number of British players playing in the event with World Snooker champion Ronnie O'Sullivan at 50-1. This will be his first major pool tournament so it will be interesting to see how he fairs on the smaller tables.

Other Brits are not rated by the bookies but at 150-1 former world 8-ball pool champion Mick Hill looks a good each way bet. Each way pays 1/4 the odds on the top four finishers.

Many people's outsider on forums in the states in Larry Nevel, little known over here but he had to win a qualifier to play in this event and at 200-1 is very good value indeed.

The full list of odds is available here

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Get on the Forums

In addition to Billiards Boutique we also run another site, mainly dedicated to the US Cuesport disciplines but open to all!

There is a forum that is open for cue sport discussion so why not join (It is FREE) and post your twopence worth!

Pool and snooker forum

Correia Does The Double

Martin Correia has won his second APN Promotions IPT Satellite qualifier in a row by defeating Damien Overton in the final at Rileys Victoria on Sunday.

The field in Victoria was a disappointing 19 with group stages followed by straight KO.

Group A turned out to be the group of death as Overton, Correia, Osborne and Brown were all drawn together. In the final match both Correia and Osbore would have progressed had Osborne won the match. Correia won it 5-4 and sent Overton through to the quarters.

The 1/4 Finals

Martin Correia 7-5 Ali Ramzi
Tony Burton 7-4 Caroline Walch
Gareth Esprit 5-7 Bartek Czapla
Andy Nicholson 2-7 Damien Overton

The Semi-Finals

Martin Correia 7-1 Tony Burton
Bartek Czapla 3-7 Damien Overton

The Final

Martin Correia 7-6 Damien Overton

This was one of the best finals I have ever seen. Damien was leading 6-3 and ran the rack on the hill but over ran position on the 8 ball leaving himself hooked. He called a corner pocket and tried a 3 rail kick, he narrowly missed his intended pocket and left the table open for Martin.

Martin then cleared his balls and won the next two racks taking it to hill-hill with Martin to break. He came up dry and let Damien in. Overton again ran all object balls and did not get the intended position on the 8 ball. The only shot he had was a full table audacious carom off the 15 ball, it just missed and went two rails into the centre pocket giving Martin the rack and the match.

James Kay won the event in Manchester with a 7-5 win over Paul Williams.

Next event in Sunday 23rd July at Rileys Solihull.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Quinten Hann makes pro come back

Quinten Hann back in the Pro Ranks

After the disgrace of Quinten Hann's match fixing allegations he decided to resign his membership of the WPBSA last year.

The talented, but often explosive, Australian cue man makes his professional comeback in the IPT North American 8-ball Open starting on the 23rd July.

In selecting Hann for the main tour the IPT have certainly opened a can of worms, should he be allowed to compete on a professional level again, in selecting him they have obviously give him the benefit of the doubt and gonein with blinkers on as they select the talent and not the man.

Hann has been drawn in probably the toughest group in the first round. He has been drawn with Ivica Putnik of Croatia, a regular top 32 player on the European 9-ball tour. The flamboyant, but brilliant Jimmy White, Spain's number 1 David Alcaide and Ronato Alcano a talented Philipino. Hann has played 8-ball before but on the smaller english tables.

He will know how White plays after his snooker days. He should progess through to the next round as the top 3 players go through so he only really needs 2 wins.

Live coverage of the IPT begins on British Eurosport on Sunday 23rd July.

What is the best way to clean your Pool Balls or Snooker Balls?

Cleaning your Pool Balls or Snooker Balls

More serious players these days tend to purchase a set of pool balls or snooker balls of their own so that they get more consistency in their game. But what is the best way to clean them?

The first question is what type of ball? Different balls need to be cleaned in different ways due to the materials used in the construction. Supapro balls are made of polyester and need to be treated in a completely different way to Aramith Balls which are constructed from phenolic resin.

Cleaning Supapro Pool/Snooker Balls (Polyester material)

Polyester balls have to be treated a lot more carefully as they do tend to scratch and lose their polish very easily. To clean a polyester pool or snooker ball use a light solution of warm water and a small amount of washing up liquid. Do not use an abrasive (even for stubbon stains) as this will scratch the ball and leave an unpolished finish. Use a cotton cloth or sponge and scrub gently for the worst offenders.

When you have completed the cleaning make sure you wash off the solution with clean warm water as the washing up liquid will form a film over the surface of the balls.

Make sure the balls are dried before use. For a better finish use a ball polish with a micro-fibre cloth.

Cleaning Aramith Balls

Aramith are the world leaders in Pool and Snooker Ball manufacture. Their balls are used in the majority of World Snooker Association tournaments and World Pool Association events as well.
The key to Aramith's success is in the material, phenolic resin. This material is scratch resistant and also highly polished. As a result aramith balls remain cleaner for longer and also produce less friction and therefore cloth wear.

When cleaning aramith balls do not use liquid detergents as it has been found recently to cause a film over the top of balls. The best bet is warm water to remove chalk residue an then to completely dry the balls (make sure it is a lint-free cloth) before applying Aramith Ball Cleaner, for more stubborn stains use Aramith Ball Restorer. Both of these products have been developed by Aramith for use on Aramith balls.

For all snooker balls and pool balls be sure to visit

Please note: This article was updated on 21-5-013 as some previous information provided to us by a third party proved to be incorrect.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Playing 8-ball at the weekend?

IPT Satellite Qualifiers

We are off to host two satellite qualifiers this weekend. One in Rileys Victoria (London) and the other in Rileys Manchester (Deansgate)

I will personally be in London and am looking forward to a quality day of 8-ball pool. We are anticipating around 30 runners at each of the events and on offer, for the £25.00 entry fee, is a spot at the official UK IPT qualifier at Rileys Victoria on 4th August worth around £420.00 ($750.00).

The last event of it's nature that we promoted was a huge success with 35 players turning up for a full days pool action. Eventually the event was won by both Martin Correia and Gareth Esprit who both enjoyed their jaunts in the IPT qualifiers.

There is also a further event in Solihull on 23rd July only £20.00 to enter if you played in either of the Manchester or Victoria qualifiers before.

Coming soon from Billiards Boutique

Brand New Range of Longoni Pool Tables

Billiards Boutique are pleased to announce a fantastic new range of pool tables will be available via

They are manufactured using exacting techniques by craftsmen and made by the Longoni Company in Italy there are a number of tables in the range and they will be added to the site in the next couple of weeks.

Gain 10% Off your first purchase

The offer is still open for 10% off your first purchase when joining our mailing list. To join the mailing list and get 10% of anything on your first purchase visit the link. The mailing list will keep you informed of site updates, special offers, cue and case deals and Billiards Boutique events.

First Round groups announced or IPT North American 8-ball Open

Official Player Groupings Announced

The IPT is proud to announce the player groupings for the IPT "North American Open 8-Ball Championship." The methodology for determining the groups was complex. All of the Hall of Fame members were placed in separate groups; female players were placed into separate groups; all of the players who qualified through the qualification tournament system were placed into separate groups (since there are 50 qualifiers and 40 groups, some groups have two qualified players); finally, a number of the top players, historically, were placed into separate groups. All of the placed players were placed randomly into their respective groups.
Click here to view the official player groupings!

Once the tournament starts, there is a predetermined format that dictates which players advance to which brackets in future rounds. The official tournament format will be announced shortly and will include the bracket population flow chart. Please refer to the IPT Web Site for Official Rules and tournament formats.

If you can't make it to the North American Open in person, you can follow the action on line at

Saturday, July 08, 2006

IPT Live schedule announced

The IPT in association with Eurosport and British Eurosport have announced the live schedule for the $2,000,000 International Pool Tour North American 8-Ball Open

Date Channel Time

23rd July Eurosport 2 20:30-23:00 (includes Ronnie O'Sullivans first match)

24th July Eurosport 20:30-23:00

25th July Eurosport 2 20:30-22:30
25th July Eurosport 22:30-00:30

26th July Eurosport 2 20:30-23:00

27th July Eurosport 20:30-23:00

28th July Eurosport 21:00-23:00

29th July Eurosport 21:00-23:00

30th July Eurosport 2 08:00-20:00 (Includes tournament final)

The Eurosport channels quoted are British Eurosport 1 and 2. Check for further details.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Karen Corr wins Cuetec cues Florida Classic

Ireland's Karen Corr has taken yet another WPBA Classic Tour title by defeating Britain's world number 1 Alison Fisher in the final of the Cuetec Cues Florida Classic.
The result in the final played in front of a packed crowd at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino finished 7-4 in Corr's favour.
This meant that Corr has won her second title of the year but also defends the title that she won in 2005.
For further details and all match results visit

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

IPT Satellite qualifiers Announced

American Pool Network are pleased to announce a series of satellite qualifiers for the IPT World 8-ball Open Championships - a tournament with a $3,000,000 prize fund.

Normal entry fee's to this event are $750/$1500. However by playing in one of the satellite qualifiers you could gain entry for as little as £25.00

The last satellite promoted by APN was a huge success drawing a field of 35 runners and both Gareth Esprit and Martin Correia both one spots in the UK qualifier.

The satellite dates are as follows:
Sunday 16th July - Rileys Victoria
Sunday 16th July - Rileys Manchester (Deansgate)
Sunday 23rd July - Rileys Solihull.Each event will cost £25.00 entry. However if you enter a tournament on the 16th (Victoria or Manchester) you will get entry for £20 at the Solihull event.

The format will be group matches followed by straight KO. (Time allowing) - The tournament will NOT be single elimination, so players will be guaranteed at least 2 matches.

APN will guarantee one $750 entry to the Victoria IPT Qualifier on 4th of August 2006, regardless of entries. This is at EACH venue.

Prize Breakdown
Less than 34 players One x $750.00 spot
34-49 2 x $750.00 spots
50-65 3 x $750.00 spots
66+ at least 4 spots

See flyer for further details (coming soon!)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Snooker Forum

Found this site whilst doing a bit of a search the other day. Seems like great community and also seems relatively fresh and new.

Why not join and get in with the discussion. Usual hints and tips plus chat about snooker or whatever comes to mind!

The Snooker Forum

The Snooker Forum

A community dedicated to snooker from around the world ...