Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ronnie O'Sullivan Causes More Controversy!

After his defeat to Marco Fu in the 2008 China Open Ronnie O'Sullivan has again caused massive controversy in a post match press conference.

The video is apparantly on a Chinese video sharing site where Ronnie aparantly made lewd remarks and sexual innuendo's in front of the assembled media in China.

He was fined last year for walking out of his match with Stephen Hendry at the UK championships and this current investigation will not go down well with snooker's authorities or the many of fans that Ronnie has gained worldwide.

Again the genius that is Ronnie is in the press for the wrong reasons and it is about time World Snooker took massive steps to sort out these issues if they prove to be true.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cuesport TV now Available on Our Blog!

Now you can watch Cuesport TV via the Billiards Boutique Blog!

This has come about through the development of the Nbed player which means Cuesport TV can be shown on any website.

You can currently watch any programme being shown in the main schedule, which is action from the GB9 event in Solihull and SPA Super 15's Blackball tournament.