Monday, June 28, 2010

England's Woeful World Cup Display

So what of this 'Golden Era' of English footballing talent? Well, for one they were completely outclassed yesterday by a much better organised and exciting German side.

So many times we fall foul of the German's but yesterdays performance ended up being our worst ever World Cup finals defeat.

I, like many, was touting the chances of England to lift the World Cup before the tournament began, we had cruised through qualifying and the players looked capable of playing for their country as they do week-in-week-out for their clubs. Come tournament time though we looked an absolute shambles, no width, no fight, no desire and certainly no creativity. Please do not even mention the defensive performances!

If there was unrest and disharmony in the squad caused by Fabio's tactical decisions or playing certain players in unfavoured positions then my opinion would be that they never play for their country again. Whoever is the coach should have the full backing of the players at all times - even if they disagree. Why is it England are seemingly producing a bunch of overpaid and underperforming primadonna's?

I think this generation of English 'talent' has had its day, what I would like to see as a stoic England fan is an English manager in charge that can show the players some real passion. Second on my list would be to start afresh, bin the 30 somethings and start with some fresh blood that may well relish the opportunity of pulling on that national shirt.

Anyway thats my bit out of the way, have your comments below.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Do Not Use Worldpay!

Until further notice please do not use the RBSWorldpay payment processing system on Billiards Boutique.

We are changing the integration so it is currently running in 'test mode' - any order placed with the system will actually not take any money.

This should only be for a couple of days whilst it is tested by the Worldpay techies.

Why is it still live then? I hear you ask. Simply because in order to test it Worldpay have to still be able to access the system as if purchasing normally

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Poison Anthrax Range Added to the Lineup

We are continuing with our additions to the American Pool cue range that we offer, this week will see ranges from Poison and Predator Pool Cues added to the store.

Poison are owned and manufcatured by Predator products and the Anthrax range has been added this morning. Find it here: Poison Anthrax American Pool Cues.

We were one of the first stores to originally stock Predator products back in 2005, however, due to the way in which Predator structured their distribution it became price prohibitive to do so for our customers.

This has not changed but it was felt necessary to add the cues again simply through customer demand. The Predator and Poison ranges will be available on an order-by-order basis meaning delivery within 2-10 working days in the UK.

The Poison Anthrax Pool Cue range starts at £259 and finishes at £345, all of the cues come with the Venom Double-D Technology maple shaft and the exclusive Sarin layered leather cue tip.

Monday, June 14, 2010

4 Reasons You Need a Tip Tool in Your Cue Case

A cue tip tool is an important piece of your pool or snooker armoury. These four reasons below explain why they could be important.

1. Glazed or hardened cue tips. As a tip gets older the top layer of it can become glazed (shiny) and hardened, having a tip tool in your cue case can enable you to loosen up the cue tips fibres. By loosening the fibres it means the tip will hold chalk more evenly and help to eliminate miscues.

2. Miscues. From time-to-time even the best of us Mis-cue the odd shot. This can be caused by either bad cueing or a bad tip. If caused by bad cueing it is likely that the tip will have slight damage. A cue tip tool or file will allow you to repair the tip on the fly without the need for replacement.

3. Mushrooming. Tips can mushroom with extended use, this means the contact area of the tip flattens out and overhangs the ferrule. The right tip tool can trim this overhang and return the tip back to prime condition.

4. Confidence. Having a tip tool in your case can bring you additional confidence. Especially if you know you have used it before a match. You know that your cue tip is in the best possible state and if anything happens during a match you can make the neccesary repairs quickly.

Item pictured is our best selling tip tool the Cuetec Bowtie

Monday, June 07, 2010

What are Your Thoughts?

Well it was announced last week that Barry Hearn (& Matchroom Sport) have been handed 51% control of World Snooker after players voted in favour of his plans.

Personally if you look at the success of the PDC darts circuit I don't think snooker could be in better hands. Already a further 13 tournaments have been announced for next season giving far more opportunities for players to participate.

What are your thoughts? Anyone?

SAM KSteel2 American Pool Tables

It is going to be a regular occurrence over the coming weeks and months to see populated with new products.

The latest batch of pool tables to be made available are the fantastic new SAM KSteel2 American Pool Tables.

These tables are built on the reputation of the old SAM KSteel, a table which is found in a lot of pool and snooker clubs in the UK.

What has made these tables so popular in the past is the steel frame, unlike wooden or mdf frames these tables do not breakdown, buckle or twist over time. They provide a solid foundation that gives the pool table a feel much akin to a steel block snooker table in terms of its responsiveness.

This new model is available in 7 different finishes and retails for £4895.00 a price that includes delivery and installation to most parts of mainland UK on a ground floor installation.

Finishes available:

Our particular favourite here at BB Towers is the Borneo finish, just waiting for the wife to let me have one!

If you are in the market for a full size American Pool Table then please get in touch, we would love to help you with your purchase.